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  FAQ about Aromatic Cedar

FAQ about Aromatic Cedar

What is Aromatic Cedar?

Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar (Junipers Virginiana) is a unique species of American wood. It is an abundant, fast growing, renewable and non-endangered resource.

Where does Aromatic Cedar grow?

The Ozark Mountain Range is a primary growth area for Aromatic Cedar. The Ozarks, due to the climate and composition of the soil, are known to grow stands of a very high quality Aromatic Cedar. Our plant in Mountain View, AR is located in the middle of this region.

How does Aromatic Cedar work?

Aromatic Cedar has a fresh, pleasant aroma that comes from the natural oils found within the wood. It is nature's time tested formula for protection against moths and other insects that can damage natural fibers found in wool, cotton and other fabric blends. Aromatic Cedar will also absorb moisture and unpleasant odors and unlike harsh chemical alternatives its aroma will quickly dissipate leaving only a fresh clean scent. Your clothes never require an "airing out" before you can wear them.

How long will Aromatic Cedar keep its aroma?

The aroma of Aromatic Cedar can be renewed, whenever necessary, by rubbing lightly with sandpaper to open the pores and release the aroma. Sachets can be renewed simply by crushing and rolling in your hands. This distinctive characteristic exhibits Aromatic Cedar's heirloom value, offering the user years of pleasure.

Where can you use Aromatic Cedar?

Aromatic Cedar is perfect for use in clothing and linen closets, drawers, garment bags, storage containers, luggage, sport bags and anywhere you desire a protective and moisture absorbing fresh scent. Aromatic Cedar, unlike some chemical products, can be placed in direct contact with fabric without damaging the fabric or the storage container.

CedarAmerica® supports managed forest conservation including selective harvesting, replanting and complete use of the tree. We are proud to serve as the link between this unique specie of American wood and the markets of the world.

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